02 September 2010

thank gana it's september: comptoir gana, 75011

My favorite bakery just reopened.

They were closed all of August, probably out shaking the farine out of their hair on the deck of a yacht off the coast of Corse... Leaving us denizens of the 11eme precisely zero options for excellent baguettes FOR AN ENTIRE MONTH. (These are truly pilllowy crusty lovely perfectly-salted creations, the modest highlight of many a meal.)

This company Gana has many boulangeries throughout France. Several in Paris alone. However I can attest that none I've visited are as ship-shape spotlessly perfect as the one in my neighborhood, where through well-placed windows you can watch bakers kneading dough, muttering to each other, wishing they were still on vacation.

Comptoir Gana
54, rue Oberkampf
75011 PARIS
Tel: 01 55 21 78 02
Closed Sundays, Mondays, and the entirety of August.

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