09 September 2010

who's the dude in the skirt?

Image swiped from telegraph.co.uk.

The other day while picking up a few bottles at La Cave de L'Insolite, Michel (the owner) introduced me to two Loire valley winemakers who were there promoting their wines. Unfortunately I was in a hurry and couldn't taste with them. But I wanted to plug their domaines anyway, because it feels worth mentioning that these were some really nice nonjudgmental guys. How do I know this? I came straight from work and was wearing sarouels, which from certain angles look somewhat skirt-like, and which I usually don't wear to wine events, or around winemakers, who are essentially farmers, since I'm aware that doing so transmits an image of pure girly-man foppery. But no one batted an eyelash. We chatted about the harvest in Anjou.

Image swiped from blackcdg-ny.blogspot.com.
What to wear to when meeting winemakers? If you knew the long hours spent agonizing in front of the mirror, thinking which dungarees, which boots, which stained tee-shirt... 

Domaine de l'R

Domaine du Clos de l'Elu 

(Again, no idea if the wines are any good. I can vouch for their nonchalance in the face of high fashion though.)


  1. i still have yet to see you in sarouels! er..poopants?

  2. dhoti pants? drop-crotch? advice for anyone christening a style of pant: avoid groin references, or anything scatological.

    the only problem with "sarouels" is the word resists visualization when you first hear it spoken. rather i should say that's the OTHER problem with sarouels, in reference to the post above. (i have two pairs at this point, one black, one blue.)