23 October 2010

french landlords

... Don't always have you over on Friday afternoons for a bottle Arbois* and home-made foie gras.

I'm just extraordinarily lucky in this regard. My landlady and her husband are, in addition to being hugely generous and very patient about the rent, both legendary gourmands. We throw dinners now and again. They are a large part of the reason I feel so at home here.

*Some 2006 "Tradition" (Chardonnay / Savagnin) by Les Caves de la Reine Jeanne, Stéphane Tissot's négociant side-project. Light for it's type, a bit brief, good afternoon wine. Went nicely with some peppered aged pecorino we had afterwards. 


  1. How did you find your place? Perhaps these amazing landlords have an open apartment starting in March?...

  2. not that i'm aware of, no...

    i got the place through pure dumb luck. i was eating dinner with an acquaintance at an outside table at an unremarkable restaurant in the 11eme, and a friend of my acquaintance walked by with his friend. i befriended the friend of the friend of the acquaintance, through whom i later became friends with the friend of the acquaintance, who, it turns out, was skipping town the following month, leaving his sweetheart apartment. he introduced me to his landlady the day before he left.

    i mention this as just a vaguely inspirational story about the value of accepting unpromising dinner invitations.