15 October 2010

"he gave us the wine to taste, not to criticize"

I've always loved Jonathan Richman but I really could not disagree more with this song. What should we do then, Jojo, just guzzle it down*? What if the host was really hoping we'd have some kind of response? Maybe it was something special he or she had been saving. Furthermore, isn't an unexamined drink, like, not worth drinking?

Also, while on the subject of disagreements with Jonathan Richman, I might just go ahead and say that his concert the night before last at La Boule Noire was way too heavy on his noodley 2000's-era work, and also way too brief.

*Like the insufferable housemate in his 1992 song "You Can't Talk To The Dude."


  1. I'm pretty sure "You Can't Talk To The Dude" is from like 1992, not 1979.

  2. ah you're totally right it was on "I, Jonathan." corrected. thanks man.