17 December 2010

j smells: spring buvette, 75001

My friends C and J (both ex-Experimental Cocktail Club) were celebrating some progress on their hotly-tipped forthcoming cocktail / taco venture. I was celebrating selling a short story and a wine article in the same day. By the time we all mosied over to Spring Buvette to get some food in us, I was already tipsy, and they had been celebrating a little longer than I had.*

Which is the only way I can explain the following photo series, in which J can be seen actively nosing everything we ordered, and some things we did not order. (Thanks, Daniel et Sofian!)

Stuffed apricots. 
Braised veggies. 
Some really heavenly lamb with pomegranate seeds. Daniel Rose has a way with lamb. 
Surprise tête de veau! Dressed exactly like the lamb. But who's complaining? 
A nicely fierce, Pinot-like Auvergnat old-vine volcanic soil Gamay by Domaine de l'Arbre Blanc.
We inexplicably forgot to photograph J sniffing the evening's most sniffable wine, a 2002 Domaine Huet Vouvray Brut Reserve. Nine years' age is not a terribly long time for Domaine Huet's best cuvées, but the Brut Reserve we had already displayed a broad, reasonably advanced profile, with a cloak of satiny sweetness around a mineral-kerosene center, and nice savory straw notes. As is the norm with this inestimable biodynamic Loire estate, acidity was keen and well-integrated. An absolute pleasure. (All of us had our noses in the glass.) 

*(Them: l'Avant Comptoir and Prescriptions. Me: Spring Boutique.)

Spring Restaurant / Buvette
6, rue Bailleul
75001 PARIS
Metro: Louvre-Rivoli
Tel: 01 45 96 05 72

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