30 December 2010

office carousing at le bal café, 75018

A brief word on my workplace's excellent office Xmas party, for which I must thank our fearless Président-Directeur-Général, who had specifically requested that Anselme, wine director of Le Bal Café, serve only natural wines at the event. Previously I'd had no idea the PDG even drank, or took any joy whatsoever in things not directly related to work.*

Anselme's list, happily, contains a very adequate proportion of natural wines.** So we all sipped Domaine Plageoles' agreeable buckwheat-honey-toned bubbler Mauzac Nature, and François Chidaine's precise, silvery Touraine Sauvignon all night. It marked the first time I'd ever been to a non-restaurant-industry office party where honest wine was served.

*Kidding, Mr. J!

**Although if you ask him about this he'll begin griping about natural wine orthodoxy, how it's more important that a wine be simply well-made, etc. While basically in agreement with him - since natural wines are only drinkable when well-made - I still insist on natural winemaking because it encompasses a whole political / aesthetic ethos I happen to support. Otherwise drinking wine is just a form of gourmandise.

Le Bal Café
6, Impasse de la Défense
75018 PARIS
Metro: Place de Clichy
Tel: 01 44 70 75 51

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