02 December 2011

n.d.p. in piemonte: saint peter's country chapel

Between towns of Barolo and La Morra on the via San Pietro, there's a few picnic tables and a water fountain at a rest station named for the boarded-up and presumably empty chapel that overlooks it, Saint Peter's Country Chapel. Although it looks like there might be a magnificent view of vineyards just over that hill, I can attest there is not: the immediate area seems to have insensibly been landscaped in such a way as to specifically prevent any kind of vista.

Nevertheless it made a fine site for a picnic after a trudge around Alba where everything was shut at midday on a Sunday. We'd packed various cured meats and gorgeous irregular tomatoes and ate them with a shared knife. Mid-meal we were all extremely bemused to learn that, according to the signage, Saint Peter's Country Chapel had been built by "the sole survivor of a tragic orgy" that had taken place in the old castle across the road. 

What I want to know is, how did the orgy become tragic? Did a chandelier fall? Were feelings hurt? To my knowledge orgies are not usually mournful occasions, at least not in-the-moment. If you ask anyone engaged in an orgy how he or she would describe his or her present circumstances, I doubt very much he or she would tell you, between thrusts, "Oh, very sad, tragic even." 

* Frequent readers might have noticed by now that I'm really strip-mining last August's trip to Barolo for every possible scrapof blog material. Partly this is because I've adored the wines as long as I've been drinking wine, and through the kaleidoscope of past impressions in my head, almost everything I saw there struck me as significant in some way. I also use these posts to break up what can otherwise seem like constant Paris restaurant coverage.

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