26 December 2010

sans soufre dans la rue: drappier drunkenness, 75004

Drappier's tremendous "Brut Nature Sans Soufre": 28€ take-away at La Bodeguita du IVème. It's 56€ to drink in the bar itself, according to their slightly clumsy mark-up system*, which encouraged my friends and I to drink this particular vivid unsulfured Pinot Noir-predominant Champagne straight from the bottle in the street on the way to our next destination.

Something tells me the aromas may have been lost on us that night.

*Listen, I know their rent must be sky-high that close to Le Centre Pompidou. All I'm saying it they ought to fiddle with prices a bit, a little more here, a little less there, in order to keep customers pondering what sort of deal they're getting on a given bottle of wine. A straight x2 mark-up, while admirably clean and unfussy, has the drawback of letting customers know immediately, without any pause for calculation, precisely how much they're getting jacked for the right to drink in a comfortable environment. 

La Bodeguita du IVème
58, rue Quincampoix
75004 PARIS
Metro: Rambuteau
Tel: 06 19 36 70 06

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