14 January 2011

blogging about blogging about the new soup at spring boutique, 75001

I was Christmas shopping at Spring Boutique last month and my friend Josh there introduced me to another Paris food blogger who began taking pictures of the soup I bought. So I took pictures of her taking pictures of the soup I bought.

Wendy Lyn does the Paris Kitchen blog. She evidently has a keen eye for new material.

I'm relatively new to the blog lifestyle. So I can admit to finding it funny how Mme Lyn arranged her shots of the soup: quickly grabbing whatever wine bottle was handy to stand in the photo beside the veal soup, even if it was Vouvray, as if to say: "Food: you always have it with wine!"

No wonder the industry loves bloggers. We are like the Balvenie brand ambassador who once memorably explained to me that there was simply no wrong way to drink whiskey, you could just put whatever you like in it, water, grenadine, V8, go wild. Just drink whiskey.

At any rate, her photos are significantly better than my own, which at best tend to be kind of dumbly illustrative and literal. Like, here's soup:

It was a veal thing in broth with cabbage, carrots, and what I believe were bits of toasted barley on top, although I can't remember very clearly. It needed a little salt. But I'm American and I say that about everything here, even the ocean.

Salt or no salt, it was a brilliant retail maneuver, particularly during the Christmas season. Imagine you've just swished across town in the snow, as I had, and then spent forty minutes shopping and jawing about whether Banyuls is an acceptable thing to bring to a British household as substitute for Port.* You've amassed a countertop piled high with magnums of wine and various cute specialty foodstuffs - confiture du lait, gourmet mint tea, etc. - all of which you now must lug back across town to your cold apartment.** 

I probably would have faded and spent maybe half as much at Spring Boutique that day, were it not for the warm restorative soup at hand. Cheers to that. 

*Yes, we decided. People demand Port out of habit. The good stuff is for the most part inaccessible, anyway. Banyuls it was, this year. 

**Life! Such a bitch!

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