22 March 2011

a cheap trick (i'd like you to like me)

Just in case the clumsy blue logo in the bottom right of this page was too subtle a signal: I've made a Not Drinking Poison In Paris Facebook page. It's mostly intended as a way for people who are not my real(ish) personal fbook friends to follow the blog through that medium. But since "Like" subscription is still in no way reflecting overall readership of this blog, I've decided to add some
The five photo visible photo boxes above the "wall" space on profiles gave me the idea to post five portraits of wines, which together will constitute a visual list of the last five exceptional bottles I've tasted. In the captions I'll cite just the basic facts about the wine: it's producer, name, vintage, where one might find it in Paris, and at what price. It's not meant to be comprehensive or authoritative, obviously; just a place one could go to find a quick wine tip around town.

If you're into that kind of thing. Whatever. I'm trying not to come on too strong here.

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Such a great song.


  1. Yeah right. You're desperate, but excused (maybe bad memories of prom season brought it on).

  2. i love this song without any trace of irony.

  3. Just being a wiseass. The wanting to be liked reminded me of the drama my niece went through yesterday with her prom.