11 May 2011

jura bike trip

The paucity of posts this week has been due to a bike trip through the Jura, a region in eastern France north of Burgundy abutting Switzerland, during which sojourn I had spotty internet access and, furthermore, no will whatsoever to dither in front of a computer.

My friends J, D, E, and I stayed at a splendid chambre d'hôte in Poligny run by natural vigneron Ludwig Bindernagel and his wife Nathalie. We toured an empty but architecturally significant salt mining facility. We had some really excellent Turkish fast food with less excellent Turkish wine. Monday we visited famed Château-Chalon estate Domaine Macle for a tasting and tour of the cellars. Mostly we biked.

I'll elaborate on all this in a short series of posts once I regain full use of my limbs and begin thinking straight.

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