12 January 2012

n.d.p. en suisse: swiss curiosities

A schwingen festival. Not the kind of schwinging you may be used to.

Swiss graf, Sierre.
More Swiss graf, Sierre. Less poetic here. Possibly done by enraged Swiss toddler.
Our train passed through a town called Gland. We passed through Gland. 
Alcohol, the devil.

The highly efficient Swiss boiled egg opener:

Eventual success.

A by-now-absurdly belated thanks to my friend C's parents, who put us all up for a night in Switzerland on the way back from Monforte.

This marks the end of the exhaustive account of the trip to Piemonte. In the meantime I've been to the Jura, Burgundy, Barcelona, London, and Wales. So there should be no shortage of wine travel material to space out the usual Paris restaurant ranting. Although in fact I have nothing more to say about Welsh wine.

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