13 July 2011

beaujolais communiqué

This time the blog silence is wine-related. My friends J, C, and I have been tooling around Beaujolais on bicycles for the past few days. Above is the sleepy village of Fleurie at midday.

We tasted with natural Mâcon / Beaujolais vignerons Isabelle et Bruno Perraud in what turned out to be one of the highest elevation villages of the region, Vauxrenard. Then we coasted down to stay in a chambre d'hôte run by Agnès et Jean Foillard in Villié-Morgon. Jean wasn't around; instead our guide in that town was natural vigneron and all-round hilarious fellow Karim Vionnet. The next day we toured Vionnet's new facilities in Morgon, and then, after a wonderful long lazy lunch together, several parcels of his Beaujolais-Villages vines near Lancié. Monday evening was spent in Mâcon, wondering what to do on a Monday evening in Mâcon. (Nothing.)

Now upon return to Paris, with all this material to rake over, I've realized my laptop is again broken, or wasn't fixed properly the first time by Apple's team of geniuses. In any event I should be back to the usual shcedule of breakneck scribbling by next week.

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