30 June 2011

not dead

Recent blog silence is due to a dastardly confluence of unavoidable misfortunes: the death of my laptop, and men's fashion week. I wasn't dressing in black for shows this week to look cool. I was mourning my laptop.

The kind* Geniuses** at the Apple store were thankfully able to sort it out for me. In some uncharacteristic fit of rational foresight at point of purchase two years ago I apparently subscribed to Apple Care. It took the duration of men's week for the Geniuses to fix, or seemingly replace most of, my laptop, meaning that very shortly I'll be back to my usual routine of nonstop wine yammering into the nothingsphere.

Below is me and my friend / colleague E, in mostly black:

* The best customer service in Paris is at the Apple Store. It's all relative, though. An Apple Store in Paris, given the exchange rate of basic civility, is just a few notches above your local stateside DMV. 

** I've always thought calling it the "Genius Bar" was a little like the "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED" banner of customer service. I mentally begin every interaction with these people like: "Since you're such a genius..." Similarly, I once acquired the unfortunate nickname "Ace" at a record store I worked at in high school. There are only so many times one can be called "Ace" before sarcasm creeps in.