14 June 2011

show us your bourgogne

The other day, as I was leaving the comically cramped rear dining area of beloved 2ème Auvergnat canteen Le Petit Vendôme, I noticed a bottle whose label had evidently charmed the owners enough to be put on permanent display.

The label appears to be a pictorial representation of the vineyard name, which translates roughly to "Show your bum."

A bit of internet research has since revealed that the vineyard is particularly steeply sloped - thus probably accounting for the name* - and is among the last remaining vineyards "virtually" within the city of Dijon (source: Neal Rosenthal website). All others having been grubbed up little by little to make way for the expanding city. So I'd actually be very interested to try this wine, regardless of the Filles Gone Wild lieu-dit. But, as I mentioned above, this bottle has probably been perched in a hot dining room for going on half a decade; Le Petit Vendôme does not, to my knowledge, stock anything appreciably more throught provoking than, like, Saint Pourçain Vin Gris. (A wan Gamay rosé, not worth thinking about, trust me. Fine for lunch though.)

* Partly. There are numerous steep vineyards in the world, I note, many of which don't have amusing lascivious names.

Le Petit Vendôme
8, rue des Cappucines
75002 PARIS
Metro: Opéra
Tel: 01 42 61 05 88

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  1. Kermit Lynch imports a Bourgogne rouge called 'Montre Cul' from a Marsannay-based vigneron named Régis Bouvier. A relation perhaps?