02 June 2011

jura bike trip: our overnoy oversight

There's nothing worse than an overplotted vacation. So in planning our recent jaunt through the Jura, we decided to err on the side of spontaneity, scheduling only one tasting with Domaine Macle in Château-Chalon

In retrospect, however, it was indeed an error not to have made a rendezvous at Maison Pierre Overnoy. I've had nothing but great experiences with their majestic, sulfur-free wines, on the few occasions I've tasted them. I hadn't realised we'd be cruising right by their operation in Pupillin on our first day, which until then we'd spent visiting some completely empty salt mines.*

We got off the bikes and peered at the exterior a bit. No one was home. J left a note of appreciation in the mailbox. 

* Q: What is the opposite of drinking? A: Visiting completely empty salt mines. 

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